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SUBTLE STYLING: WHAT DO Matching Couple Rings SHOW LIKE? AND WHAT are the current trends?

These rings are not just any other ring. They are able to be designed to look any way you want however, their practicality determines the rules.

They could be thin solid metal bands as well as rings with only one stone with special significance for the wearer, rings that have clusters of small stones or even small solitaire rings. These rings can be put together and layered with other designs. They are ideal to wear on a daily basis.

There is a separate category for rings that have sculpted architectural forms and styles, in which the texture of the metal emphasizes the unique design. Couples should be wearing the same rings for their vows. You can pick any style you like if you want to give your boyfriend this ring as a present.

Remember the simple rule: Rings with small stones and subtle designs can be worn by both women and men. They're also easy to style. If the ring is gifted to you, you can still style it with other jewellery collections.

Pick the unisex rings or rings with similar stones, but have more feminine and masculine designs "for both of you". One of the elements will work regardless, whereas the other one will emphasize your individuality.

ALMOST A PROPOSAL (BUT NOT YET) What are the PROMISE rings to be presented? And when?

Presenting the promise ring is a vital step taken from two perspectives: first, you tell your beloved one that you're planning to marry the couple, and then you tell that the marriage has not been planned specifically yet but it's not an official proposal. An engagement ring will be the official start of that joyful celebration that comes before marriage however this time the engagement ring is still to come.

This ring presentation should be sweet and casual. The presentation shouldn't be grand or flashy. (Families might attend to watch, take videos and cry tears later). This is only between two of you, and it's not a formal proposal, so don't go on your knees. This is going to be totally false.

Here we are at the important issue of when should you get the promise ring in your relationship (or offer one to be honest). It's the time when you are both ready to commit and eventually get married. This ring is a sign of your end of a relationship without commitment.

Before you take the first step of committing, take time to talk to your loved one about your plans. If they align and both are willing to wait a while before the formal proposal, you can buy and present this engagement ring (or swap rings) to make sure you've confirmed to the other that this proposal will arrive sooner or later (or that you are completely committed without walking down the aisle).



They are not the exact same. A wedding ring is the idea of a proposal, a particular wedding date, and launch of the preparation process, as a promise band is an offer to propose, but later, or to make a commitment to a particular person, as in a marriage.

What is the difference between engagement rings, promise rings and eternity bands?

Promise rings are a symbol of an agreement to marry (but they don't refer to proposing) Engagement rings signify proposals and the date fixed for wedding, while eternity rings are a symbol of a particular milestone in a marriage, like the first anniversary or birth of the child. The name "Eternity Rings" comes from the fact that these rings are adorned with a row or small diamonds that cover the entire band of the ring. This can be seen by others when worn.

How to choose the perfect time to gift a vow ring?

Every time you decide to be committed and remain in these relationships for the long haul. The promise ring is a confirmation milestone for you both and provides a new perspective for the next steps, such as engagement, etc. Don't make it a public event. Make it a private event for the ring that you will wear.

MODELS and Styles: How to select the promise ring which will be stylish?

You can choose any style, but we recommend that they be dainty, understated, and not stale. The most appropriate choices are simple metal bands, subtle sculptured pieces such as stone cluster rings or single-stone rings. They are so that they will not be the subject of unnecessary inquiries but are flexible enough to go with whatever clothes you decide to dress.

What hand and which finger should a ring of promise be worn?

It can be worn on the middle finger or ring of either hand. Be aware that if you put it on the ring finger of the left hand, it could make connections with engagement.

The most effective way to go about it: How do you give A PROMISE RING TO YOUR loved ones?

It is best to have a casual, warm situation between you two. It is best to present the engagement ring after having discussed the future with each other and you both share the same vision. It's also important to emphasize that it's not a proposal yet, but what promise rings symbolize is that the proposal will be presented sometime later.

What is the best place to purchase a Promise Ring?

Get a ring at a jewelry store that is reputable and can provide you with a wide selection of styles. There are also websites focused on rings designed for weddings, engagements, and also for vow-making. You'll find something original. A further benefit is an on-site opportunity to reduce or expand the size of the ring as needed.

After the ENGAGEMENT celebration - WHAT DO YOU DO with the promise ring now?

Promise rings are small and subtle, so they can be put together with a wedding or engagement ring. You can mix them with other rings.


It's all about what two people decide. If you choose to swap rings with your ex you will receive the ring you gifted to him, and reverse. You may choose to keep them as is, or give back the received rings and not take back the given ring (if your relationship has soured so significantly). If you decide to keep the ring, it loses its meaning and becomes an additional piece of jewelry in your box.


Love and commitment are important aspects of our lives. Accessories and items that remind us of important moments are invaluable. Find the ideal ring for your beloved and they'll always remember how much you care. The shop we offer will be a reliable partner in this vital choice of engagement rings.


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